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    The Beginning of the Relationship 

    Once you have made the decision to engage us, our time together will consist primarily of two meetings, either at our Bellevue office or over the phone. During the process, you can expect the following steps:

    1. Information Exchange: Prior to our first meeting, we will send you an information form (also available for download under the Library tab) for you to complete. This will help you identify and secure the critical information needed to begin, and provide helpful prompts so that you can begin thinking about basic estate planning decisions.
    2. Initial Meeting: We believe it is important that you have all the facts when you decide on an Estate Plan. That's why our first meeting will focus heavily on education. We will discuss with you your individual situation, and all of your potential options. Once you are comfortable with your choices, we will work with you to develop an Estate Plan. The plan might be simple, or it could be very complex, all based on your needs.
    3. Execute the Plan: Once you have approved the plan, we will draft your documents and send them to you for review. We will then meet with you a second time to discuss, finalize, and sign your new documents.
    4. Secure and Store: We will help you determine the best way for you to secure and store your new documents so that they might be easily found when needed.
    5. Monitor and Review: We will then set up an advisory plan that meets your needs by giving you help in monitoring changes in the law that impact you, and perhaps even establishing an annual review arrangement. This will make sure you have an estate plan that works for both the present and the future.


    If you are ready to begin planning, contact us here.