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    Areas of Expertise

    Our focus is limited exclusively to estate planning and estate administration. In particular, we are well equipped to assist with the following: 

    • Estate Planning: Advising, drafting, and executing estate planning documents. These commonly include Wills or Living Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and many others. 
    • Probate Administration: Assisting the Personal Representative, or Executor, with the process of probating a decedent's estate. 
    • Trust Administration: Assisting the Trustee with wrapping up a Living Trust at the death of the trustmaker, or advising the Trustee on the continuing administration of an ongoing trust. 
    • Estate Tax Return Preparation
    • Gift Tax Return Preparation

    How It Works

    We believe our time together is a life-long journey, and the first steps are critical to our understanding and your trust. We often talk about an Estate “Roadmap,” and the metaphor is certainly appropriate. We know the roadmap very well. First, however, it is important to get to know you.

    Our process is simple. We start with a conversation. You share your goals. These goals could include providing for your spouse, protecting your children, reducing taxes and expenses, planning for your own possible disability, or communicating important end of life decisions. If needed, we help you identify those goals and align them with your values. Then we begin to draft documents that formalize and implement those goals. This is your “estate plan,” and it will include documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and possibly other documents such as trust agreements. This process also may involve working with your financial planner, tax advisor, and your business attorney.

    You may also have loved ones with special needs, such as a child with a disability, or an elderly family member who needs sensitive care. We help you address these needs in your estate plan. In many ways, estate planning is a life-long process. At any level of income or stage of life, we want to help you and to earn the privilege of becoming your life-long advisor.

    We understand that there are many roadblocks to completing an estate plan. Our passion is help you overcome those roadblocks and become one of the minority who have a current and complete estate plan in place. We encourage you to read the article on this page that provides more details on how we help our clients remove the roadblocks to estate planning, or come visit us at our office downtown Bellevue.


    Contact us or download a brief discussion of Our Practice. We look forward to meeting you.


    Estate Planning: Advising, drafting and executing estate planning documents. These commonly include Wills or Living Trusts, Financial Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and many others.